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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Through With the Flu . . .

I never get sick. 

At least it's been a number of years. Not that I'm a picture of perfect health. But the flu? A cold? Not in a long time.

So on Monday night when I sense that "I-hope-I'm-not-coming-down-with something" feeling, I line up my "beat-the-bug" potions on the counter and follow the protocol to a T. But by Tuesday evening, I feel my grip on wellness waning. By Wednesday, I find myself in bed the better part of the day - and the next.

During broad daylight with the shades drawn, I shiver under multiple blankets, trying not to move even one achy muscle--and take time to reflect. I think about the past six months . . . our youngest daughter's missions trip to South Africa, the end of my mom's prolonged illness and her death, my dad's open-heart surgery and successful recovery, the recent stay of our oldest daughter and cute little grandson . . . all laced with God's grace and goodness. Perhaps the let-down of it all has something to do with this illness of mine!

I feel vulnerable--a feeling I don't like. It reminds me that I'm not as in control as I sometimes think I am. In reality, my days are in God's hands. Perhaps He allows times like this for reflection, to slow me down, to help me perceive the truly important. To re-evaluate my goals--and list. Once again, I see the importance of a softer approach to my work, my relationships, my experiences . . . one that leans a little more toward grace, kindness, and understanding. One that trusts God a little more with the details.

I hope I'm through with the flu. And even though my mom's not here to tell me, "Don't do too much too soon," I'll try to follow her advice.

So, what do you think about when you're slowed down by the sniffles, the flu, or some other unnamed bug that's going around? 

 Nothing shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8:39)


  1. "The importance of a softer approach." Oh, yes!

  2. This time last year, I had the flu and wrote a post about it. Not fun! But we can always find God's light in a dark corner!

    1. "God's light in a dark corner . . ." I've been reading Psalm 27 this past week: "The Lord is my light and my salvation . . ." Thanks, Cindy, for a great phrase to take with us, no matter where we find ourselves.

  3. Sometimes that out of control feeling hits even before the illness does--like when I just KNOW I'm about to get whatever everyone around me has just had.