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Sunday, July 29, 2012

What a Wedding Means . . .

by Lillian Ewert*

To a Bride?                                  
Photo by Katie Fisher
  • a lovely dress
  • never saying "good-bye" again to her lover
  • being overwhelmed by the kindnesses of so many
  • sadness at leaving her home town
  • excitement about having her own home
  • thankfulness that God made the choice
  • cherished memories of a happy day

To her Father?
Photo by Rayan Anaster
  • walking down the aisle with the loveliest girl in town
  • being nervous about his lines (and dance steps)
  • a balance of 45 cents in the checking account
  • moving boxes and furniture to an apartment three hours away
  • glad to have a son and his friends to help with the moving
  • after everyone leaves, adjusting to "just the three of us" once again
To her Mother?
  • experiencing a strange mix of emotions 
  • the fear of crying in front of everyone
  • happiness at seeing relatives who live so far away
  • sharing the joy as each gift if lovingly handled and admired
  • gaining a wonderful son
  • using shared memories of places and events as reminders to pray

To her Sisters?
  • wanting to help make it a special day for her
  • fighting back tears
  • a brother!
  • memories of growing up and hanging out together 

To a Family?
  • becoming closer than ever: planning, praying, worrying, working, and laughing
  • thankfulness to God for His faithfulness 
  • added responsibility to pray for and support one another
  • adjustments to new locations and situations
  • greater faith in God, knowing He does all things well.
  • gratefulness for family and friends who have shared this joy with us and upheld us in prayer.

Photo by Jenn Dodd - Used with permission

*This was written 33 years ago by my mom after my wedding on July 14, 1979. I adapted it slightly to fit the occasion of Brad and Sharon's wedding July 14, 2012. My parents, David and Lillian Ewert, celebrated 55 years of marriage on May 11.

David and Lillian Ewert

Saturday, July 14, 2012

With Daddy

July 14, 2012

                                             With Daddy
 I watch them leave.
  Together, they hold the colorful golf umbrella,
           Stopping to check a few plants gracing the brick patio
     On the way to the car.

She portrays delicate features and long light hair
With the sides swept up
In the silver barrette we bought yesterday.

He stands tall and proud, assuming a silent protection.

Walking side by side,
Comfortable laughter harmonizes the with rain’s song.
Their eyes meet in friendly camaraderie.

Someday they will walk side by side once more.
Instead of shorts and T shirts
On the way to McDonald’s,

She will wear white
To match the angel spirit she carries inside.
He will lead her on his arm
As, together, they slowly stride to music and flowers.

My cheeks will feel the rain fall again.
But this time the sun will be shining, too.

Sarah Lynn Phillips
July 2001