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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Magic Carpet

What's your favorite thing to do during the winter season? 

In our house, we like to read! On any given snow day, I'm bound to find our daughter in the recliner sideways with a thick hardback in front of her. Her dad often has his nose in book at the dining room table, and I find my own way to to snatch a chapter here and there. A great pastime when the wind is howling and temperatures hover near zero.

Here's a silly little jingle about reading dedicated to the children - and maybe to the kid inside each of us.

Make a book your magic carpet.
Open it up and off you go!
 Fly above villages, mountains, and rivers; 
Look over the edge at the glittering snow.

A book's a great forever friend.
It goes with you anywhere:
On your bus ride home to supper
Or curled up in your favorite chair.

People may tell you, "Please be quiet."
But your book can talk to you!
Always learning, always growing - 
That's what books can help you do!

So, on the next snow day, which genre will you turn to first? Which authors will you look for at the library? Is there a picture book that makes you smile?

For starters, I enjoy fiction by Francine Rivers, non-fiction by Ken Gire, Elisabeth Elliot, and Joni Earickson Tada, poetry by Ruth Bell Graham - and a good mystery once in a while . . . 

When our girls were little, a favorite story was The Lemon Drop Jar by Christine Widman.

What book titles are your favorites?


  1. With the current interest in Sherlock Holmes, I've been reading the old Sherlock Holmes on my Kindle. Good for a snowy day!

    1. What a great idea, Cindy . . . I've read some detective stories, but never any Sherlock Holmes. We have a old set upstairs . . .