We each have a life story, penned without ink, read by the people around us. Who's writing your story?

Leader's Guide

Is your small group looking for material to study?

I invite you to consider this  brand new study based on Penned Without Ink: Trusting God to Write Your Story. Each lesson/chapter for leaders includes:

 - A REVEIW from the last lesson 
 - DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (and answers with supplemental material) and GROUP ACTIVITIES based on the text and additional Scriptures 
 - A TAKEAWAY summary statement
 - A suggested MEMORY VERSE. 

The one-page REPRODUCIBLE STUDY SHEETS encourage group members to prepare for each session's discussion at home. There are 13 lessons or chapters, yet the material is flexible so a group may combine chapters if desired. The book measures 8.5 x 11 and is 60 pages in length.

Only the group leader will require the Leader's Guide. Each group member will need a copy of Penned Without Ink: Trusting God to Write Your Story, a Bible, a notebook or journal, and the study sheets (distributed in your group). 

Here's the text from the back cover:

Will the Unexpected in Your Life Story
Make You Bitter or Better?

"One minute there were a family driving home from vacation. The next marked the beginning of a traumatic journey that would change their lives forever. Sarah tells her family's story of a near-fatal car crash with realism, emotion, and transparency in Penned Without Ink. She shares quiet miracles layered between pain and loss. She captures the essence of hope born through her struggle to trust and rely on God. Scriptural principles and biblical stories highlight God's promises, promises you can take with you into the daily-ness of your life story.

"This leader's guide enables you to dig deeper into the relevant themes shared in Penned Without Ink. Sarah offers practical hope for life-change through individual study and group discussion. When faced with uncertainty and disappointment, renew your trust in a loving God who writes your story with purpose and grace. This guide includes chapter by chapter resources for group leaders. The reproducible study sheets are for participants to work on at home.

"Bitter or Better? We all make this choice, whether we are in a comfortable chapter of our lives or one filled with difficulties and despair. A faithful God desires to write your life story - no matter what happens." 

The leader's guide is available form Amazon.com. Click HERE.

lf you have comments or questions about the study
or would like to request a free chapter, I'd love to hear from you!

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