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Saturday, July 14, 2012

With Daddy

July 14, 2012

                                             With Daddy
 I watch them leave.
  Together, they hold the colorful golf umbrella,
           Stopping to check a few plants gracing the brick patio
     On the way to the car.

She portrays delicate features and long light hair
With the sides swept up
In the silver barrette we bought yesterday.

He stands tall and proud, assuming a silent protection.

Walking side by side,
Comfortable laughter harmonizes the with rain’s song.
Their eyes meet in friendly camaraderie.

Someday they will walk side by side once more.
Instead of shorts and T shirts
On the way to McDonald’s,

She will wear white
To match the angel spirit she carries inside.
He will lead her on his arm
As, together, they slowly stride to music and flowers.

My cheeks will feel the rain fall again.
But this time the sun will be shining, too.

Sarah Lynn Phillips
July 2001


  1. Your words bring tears to my eyes. So simple, yet so beautiful. Praying for the new husband and wife as they begin their life together.

  2. How striking, Sarah. Even the title alone says it all. That angel spirit danced as your precious girl marched down the aisle with her daddy--a true picture of grace and elegance.

    1. Thanks so much. So glad you could join us, Sherry.

  3. I heard one of Sharon's unsaved co-workers say, as Sharon was dancing with her dad, "she is such an angel!" It was a special day for a special girl and her family!

    1. Barry's mom used to call Sharon her "littlest angel." We appreciate all who could be a part of the wedding on Saturday. Thanks for coming...