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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Last Lunch

This past Friday I packed the last lunch. 

Elisabeth graduates from high school this week so my lunch-packing days have come to an end. I took a few minutes to figure out how many lunches I'd prepared since 1988 when our oldest entered first grade. It's over 6400 minus the few times the three girls purchased their meals. Almost every day I bagged up sandwiches, fruit, and pretzels or chips . . . and sometimes, I'd tuck in something special to remind them of my love.

Mothers have been packing lunches for centuries, I suppose. I wish we knew more about the mom who packed her young son's lunch the day he gave it to Jesus. To her, it was just another lunch. Simple ordinary fare: five loaves and two small fish. She had no idea Jesus would bless this quiet offering and feed thousands with her humble preparations.

Fish and bread. 

How many times have you offered the ordinary? Perhaps . . . a bedtime story, a prayer over the phone, a bouquet of flowers, a day of babysitting, a meal, a listening ear, a few heartfelt words typed on a page . . . On good days we offer the plumpest of fish paired with the freshest of bread. On other days, the fish may look pitiful and insignificant alongside day-old loaves that flopped despite our best efforts. The Lord accepts our little bit, blesses it, and feeds the multitudes--for His glory. 

Can you imagine this mother's surprise when her young son burst in the door that evening shouting the story of how his little lunch fed so many people? We have no way of knowing what will happen with the most ordinary of offerings.  

So let's not hold back. Even the simplest of gifts may reach far and wide. You never know what God will do! 

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  1. So encouraging to read as a mom. Let us not hold back! May God multiply even our small, ordinary efforts to love our kids. Thank you, Sarah!

  2. Thank you for this, Sarah. I feel the same way about the little ordinary things we do each day. If done for our Lord, they are so beautiful!

    1. Appreciate your note, Daylin--and the ministry you have with your family and your community. Blessings to you this week . . .

  3. Thanks Sarah, for this beautiful reminder that our simplest "offerings" such as packing lunches, when done with love reap the greatest blessings--often more than we ever realize! It blessed me to read this today.

    1. So nice to read your thoughts, Cheryl. Thanks for your good words.