We each have a life story, penned without ink, read by the people around us. Who's writing your story?

Friday, August 28, 2015

Scrawled on the Back of a File Folder . . .

Some years ago, I found the following poem hanging on the wall in a waiting room and copied it down on the only paper I had with me - the back of a file folder. I could find no author's name. I filed it away and just recently ran across it. Perhaps some good thoughts to consider as a new school year begins . . .

Help Me Grow

Be consistent with me,
Then I can trust your words and actions.
Comfort me when I'm scared, hurt, or sad,
Then I'll know I'm okay even when I'm not feeling strong or happy.
Take responsibility for all your feelings and actions,
Then I also won't blame others and I'll take responsibility for my life.
Communicate when you feel hurt or frightened or angry,
Then I'll learn how to constructively deal with my feelings.

Tell me clearly and specifically what you want,
Then I can hear you and I'll also know how to
communicate my needs in a positive way.

Express to me that I'm okay
Even when my words or behavior may not be,
Then I can learn from my mistakes and have healthy self-esteem.
Balance your life between work and play,
Then I can believe that I can grow up,
be responsible, and still have fun.

Remember what you wanted when you were my age,
Then you'll better understand my needs and interests.

Understand and accept me.
I may be different from you and that's okay.

Treat me as an individual,
Then I'll know that I can be my unique self.

Hug me and tell me that you care about me,
Then I'll feel lovable and I'll express caring to others.

Thank you for hearing me.
I love you!



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