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Saturday, May 9, 2015

A New Appreciation

Sometimes I take everyday gifts for granted . . . but don't realize it until they're not there, even temporarily. Can you relate?

My husband's  been out of commission for a week and a half. Intense pain brought us to the ER, the primary care physician's office a couple times, and finally to the fourth floor of the hospital. The surgeon removed the pesky problem--or so we thought. It's been a rough recovery, though, which leads me to question if there's isn't more to the issue . . ..

The recliner has become Barry's bed. He's finally keeping clear fluids down . . . yet I wonder what tomorrow will hold. He has tried to engage, but exhaustion has a way of taking its toll. We miss his take on the newspaper headlines, his "living encyclopedia" answers to our questions, and his sense of humor. He can't mow the lawn and trim the yard, take the garbage out, weed the flower beds, or plant the broccoli . . . We've managed to pitch in and take up some of the slack, but we realize one thing more than ever. He does a lot around here!

So thank you, Barry, for all you do every day--and more importantly, who you are to all of us. Please get well soon. We love you!

What gifts do you appreciate, perhaps even more because of changes in your life or in the lives of those you love? 


  1. Sarah, I understand what you, Barry and the family are going through...more than you know. It has been nearly 5 months since I became ill and my husband had a small stroke. He has been my rock. He managed things while I was so ill. Now that I am gaining strength we work at things together as best we can. It takes TWO to do it well. God had gone before and he has given us lots of lessons during these months...the greatest and most difficult lesson is patience and waiting on him for strength and healing. - You all are in my prayers for you to regain the health and healing personally and as a family . . .as you learn the lessons the Lord has in this situation and in this time. May you find the blessings during this struggle.

    1. Thank you, Vi....We appreciate your prayers - and your sharing some of the lessons you've been learning through your trials. I like what you said, "Find the blessings during this struggle." Great perspective. Blessings...