We each have a life story, penned without ink, read by the people around us. Who's writing your story?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vacation . . . More Than a Good Time?

Nearly thirty hours and 1900 miles on the road this past week . . . vacation, they call it. A break in the story. A digression from the plot.

Barry, Elisabeth, and I navigated our way to Covington, KY where we stepped back in time to witness the first eleven chapters of Genesis at the Creation Museum. We learned how the Flood has impacted the world of today and how the Tower of Babel scattered the population to the ends of the earth. We found ourselves flung into space among the stars of the Milky Way and beyond. We pondered the past, snapped photos, and dodged dinosaurs. Time well spent, we decided.

Next we meandered "up north" to Michigan, the favorite gathering place each summer for Barry's side of the family. Here we found a warm welcome and a pink dusky sky awaiting our arrival. Over twenty adults and children came and went over several days, savoring not only the sun-kissed beach but abundant comfortable laughter and conversation . .  the feeling of belonging, all centered in memories built over a lifetime.

We played together, ate together, worked together. Some hiked the dunes; others poked around the Main Street shops. The brave splashed in the frigid lake water while others preferred a walk on the pier to the lighthouse. On the fourth, we all climbed the hill to see the parade and stayed up late to watch fireworks on the beach. A diverse bunch in every way, yet bonded together by blood . . .  and a commitment to connect, miles notwithstanding.

Late Saturday afternoon we pulled into our driveway, home once again, back to our usual schedules and calling commitments. But we carry the memories with us, memories tucked into our hearts. Perhaps what we call "vacation" is more than a pause in our routines, more than thirty hours and 1900 miles on the road, more than a good time. These experiences add color and texture to our story lines and depth to our souls. Our small worlds suddenly expand with sun and sky, sea and sand. We hear the stories of those we love, and they nudge us to see broader and with deeper awareness and appreciation for all that comes our way. 

And a deeper appreciation for life itself.


  1. Beautifully written Aunt Sarah! It is hard to put into words what these vacations/gathers of us all mean, and you did it perfectly. Thank you for the visit, our time together, and the memories and stories that add depth to our souls. We love you all so very much! ~Rayan PS - beautiful pictures!

  2. You know, I just love reading your work. I am refreshed along with you on vacation. Nice...

  3. Sounds like a much-needed change of pace! So glad you were able to spend time with family. Beautiful post.

  4. Never thought of Michigan as a place I might want to visit on vacation,. . . until now. I actually feel good just for having read this.

  5. We go to the northwest part of the "mitten" where the lake is cleaner - and it's seldom oppressively hot and humid - which also means sweatshirts in the evening....It is beautiful. Some of the towns have flowers lining the main street (They always make me smile). Such a different world than PA - each just right in its own way .