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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine Story


We dance together, you and I, in step to life's music.

The sound of trumpets and flutes
Twirls us around busy everyday.

The driving bass and roll of drums
Command matching steps of duty.

But when the soft whisper of violins catches us close and slow,
I look into your eyes
 and know,
Whatever the orchestra plays,
We will always dance . . . together.

I'm not a dancer. And probably never will be in the way most people think of dancing, say, at a wedding or a party. But I do have a dancing partner. He and I dance together every day.

We've danced to romantic strings and organ overtures. We've swayed to lullabies by night and rocked to blues by day. We heel and toe with busy everyday tunes and march in rhythm with dutied steps: left, right, left, right . . . . We've tapped in the shadows and twirled in the spotlight. We've held it together, dancing partners for life.

But sometimes we step on each other's toes. We find ourselves moving to contrasting tempos - or even two different songs. Our rhythms and steps fall out of sync. As I think about it, our dancing styles couldn't be more opposite. He usually likes the fast-moving music, out and about; I enjoy quiet and slow, at home if you please. When our good intentions fall apart, we muster up a forgiving smile . . . or find ourselves a little space. We'll make another attempt. Soon.
As lesson-lacking as our dancing appears at times, I'm grateful to have a partner like Barry. Because I know, whatever the orchestra plays, we will always dance . . . together.

Happy Valentine's Day to my husband.
I love you.

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